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"SHOWTIME" Lakers Hat [Chronicle Edition]

"SHOWTIME" Lakers Hat [Chronicle Edition]

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Inspired by the rich history of California teams, this concept pays homage to the Golden State and its most iconic teams. Just like a newspaper, these hats capture team history, cultural references, and classic color combos on that only a true fan or local could recognize. With the news paper print industry quickly dying, this concept is an ode to the once coveted front page cover that headlined our favorite sports/athletes and the publishers that created them.

Influenced by current headwear trends and a fresh take on vintage hats, each piece in this collection is constructed of premium thick corduroy and buttery suede for that retro, faded vibe. The overall hat frame is a custom designed 5-panel, mid-profile crown with a tapered, pre-curved brim that aims to provide a clean and timeless silhouette.


Colors: Ash Purple // Lavender 

Front 3D Embroidery: “LA” inspired by the Los Angeles Times font with hints of the classic Lakers logo.

Side Patch Artwork: Graphic pictures a scene with a baby blue sky and yellow stars to symbolize the original MPLS Lakers look from 1947-1968. Seen below is the Hollywood hills and Los Angeles skyline as an ode to one of the most iconic eras in NBA history, the Showtime Lakers from 1979-1991.  Seen in the forefront are palm trees with the city’s biggest legend and now angel, the Black Mamba.

Underbrim Embroidery: "SHOWTIME” font inspired by the Lakers alternate logo and show, “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.”

Back Embroidery: Alternate "A5" NBA logo in modern team colors.


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Customer Reviews

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Michael Carter
Very nice

Hat quality was top tier and the fit is great.

Adrian Jocson

"SHOWTIME" Lakers Hat [Chronicle Edition]

Krishna Hernandez

"SHOWTIME" Snapback [Chronicle Edition]

Neil L 24
Kobe would be proud.

This hat has excellent detail. One of a kind which includes a unique feel and trendy look. Showing off the history of the Lakers with the Mamba silhouette is iconic and unmatched to other hats.
The material is intensely complex and high quality in its own right.
A5 is putting everyone on notice and it is for real.

“The most important thing is you must put everybody on notice that you're here and you are for real.”-Kobe


As a fan of the color purple because it’s the same color of the fandom of the K-Pop group BTS, I HAD to get this Laker hat. Not only is the purple not too loud, but the tone was just right. It didn’t come out looking like Barney like other hats I’ve seen on the market.

The inclusion of the Black Mamba on the side patch artwork as a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant is something that not only Laker fans would appreciate, but society in its own. Another thing that really captured my attention are the palm trees, as everyone knows… LA = palm trees. The Hollywood sign and the LA skyline also speaks for itself. Honestly, a lot of thought went into designing the artwork and I commend A5 on the design process.

Quality is so nice! It’s premium and definitely worth the price tag. Like they say, quality over quantity.

Can’t wait to see more designs in the future!