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"THE TANK" Sharks Hat [Chronicle Edition]

"THE TANK" Sharks Hat [Chronicle Edition]

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Inspired by the rich history of California teams, this concept pays homage to the Golden State and its most iconic teams. Just like a newspaper, these hats capture team history, cultural references, and classic color combos on that only a true fan or local could recognize. With the news paper print industry quickly dying, this concept is an ode to the once coveted front page cover that headlined our favorite sports/athletes and the publishers that created them.

Influenced by current headwear trends and a fresh take on vintage hats, each piece in this collection is constructed of premium thick corduroy and buttery suede for that retro, faded vibe. The overall hat frame is a custom designed 5-panel, mid-profile crown with a tapered, pre-curved brim that aims to provide a clean and timeless silhouette.


Colors: Black // Charcoal Slate 

Front 3D Embroidery: “SJ” inspired by the San Jose Mercury font with an integrated Shark fin. 

Side Patch Artwork: Graphic pictures a scene with the San Jose skyline, with focus on the light shining through the iconic SAP center. With San Jose also being the focus of the Silicon Valley, "The Shark Tank" nickname holds a double entendre. A Shark is seen swimming through the water to represent the south city of the Bay Area in original team colors. 

Underbrim Embroidery: "THE TANK" font inspired by the San Jose Sharks jerseys, engulfed by a Shark bite. 

Back Embroidery: Alternate "A5" NHL logo in classic league colors. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ramon Monares
Amazing Hats-LV and SJ hats

Best hat purchase I’ve ever made, waiting on a special day to wear em. Awesome clean corduroy material and always liked the old English look on hats. Well be look out for more exclusives.

Such a clean hat!

Love the hat, excited to get more from A5. Quality packaging, quality hat. Love the corduroy.

Thank you!

Marcus Call
Great quality

I love the hat. The materials are awesome and the design is nice. I love that the corduroy material isn't too hot. It makes this hat wearable in the summer, unlike a few of my other corduroy hats.

Emmanuel Soriano
Worth the wait!

Super dope hat! I really like the material and simplicity of the design!

i got head

i got a massive head (used to watch Jeopardy as a kid a lot), I usually rely on the last notch of a snapback to fit my big ass dome, and even then the hats usually start sliding up. This hat not only fits me snug, it doesn't get that distorted shape that I've seen in other hats when you put it on a girthy scalp. It's cleaner than my fingernails on valentines day. It's got that corduroy flair that breaks necks when I walk by.

You ever buy some piece of clothing that fits too nice and you start feeling yourself in the mirror a little bit more?? Oh you don't?? Cop this hat and you'll know what Im talking about.

It comes inside a sack of luxury (just like I do), def lookin forward to what else A5 releases