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"9ERGANG" 49ers Hats [OG 2-TONE]

"9ERGANG" 49ers Hats [OG 2-TONE]

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OG Candlestick
Venetian Red Corduroy // Cream Suede
*Inspired by the vintage 49ers color palette. This Red is a darker red with a vintage fade to it. Same red pictured on the 2-tone variation.

Levi's Red
Fire Red Corduroy // Cream Suede
*Modern 49ers color palette.

Black Corduroy // Fire Red Suede

Off-white Wool Blend Crown // Venetian Red Corduroy // Cream Suede
*Inspired by the vintage 49ers color palette.

Front 3D Embroidery: "SF" initials from the iconic San Francisco Chronicle logo with a drop shadow accent as a nod to the classic 49ers logo.

Side Patch Artwork:  Inspired by their classic oval logo and the 5 Lombardi trophies that they won from 1982-1995 at their time playing in the iconic Candlestick Park. With the controversial move to Santa Clara, the 49ers will always be home to San Francisco so I wanted to highlight the stadium that brought them their fortune. Highlighted over the artwork patch is their famous slogan, “BANG BANG” inspired by the 49ers font.

Opposite Patch: "9ERGANG" in their infamous font. 

Back Embroidery: Alternate NFL inspired "A5" logo in modern team colors.

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Inspired by the rich history of California teams, this concept pays homage to the Golden State and its most iconic teams. Just like a newspaper, these hats capture team history, cultural references, and classic color combos on that only a true fan or local could recognize. With the news paper print industry quickly dying, this concept is an ode to the once coveted front page cover that headlined our favorite sports/athletes and the publishers that created them.

Influenced by current headwear trends and a fresh take on vintage hats, each piece in this collection is constructed of premium thick corduroy and buttery suede for that retro, faded vibe. The overall hat frame is a custom designed 5-panel, mid-profile crown with a tapered, pre-curved brim that aims to provide a clean and timeless silhouette.

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